Momoi Haruko

Born on December 14th, 1977. A singer/songwriter who can easily handle voice acting, writing lyrics, composition, arrangement, and singing. Frequenting idol events and concerts since the 90's, she has been extensively active in contributing to independent 'zines, just to state one aspect of her activities. Beginning with an internet journal she wrote in high school, Momoi was even given her own serialized column in a video game magazine.

Momoi began with street lives in Akihabara and debuted with her single "Mail Me" in 2000. Her bishojo game song unit "UNDER17" formed in 2002, giving energetic performances while continually releasing new singles, and disbanded in 2004.

As a lyricist and composer she contributes countless pieces for Afilia Saga, Kotone Mai,
Uesaka Sumire, the voice actress unit RO-KYU-BU!, video games and other artists.

Momoi has played countless roles as a voice actress, including Nakahara Komugi in "Nurse Witch Komugi", Faris Nyannyan in "Steins;Gate", Aita Yurume in "Yurumeitsu 3D", Seto San in "Seto no Hanayome", and Anise Tatlin in "Tales of the Abyss".

Greg Hignight

Greg Hignight is an Los Angeles-based DJ and producer, and the co-founder
of music collective Tune in Tokyo, launched in 2008. His projects highlightingJ-Pop, K-Pop
and Asian music culture have included collaborations with Moshi Moshi Nippon, KCON,
Anime Los Angeles, MNET, Royal/t Cafe. Friday Flights at The Getty Museum, Ktown Night Market
and GAMeBoi Events. He has also appeared on NHK World programs including J-MELO
and Tokyo Kawaii TV. Tune in Tokyo's newest project is Plastic City, a celebration
of City Pop and Showa Era Japanese music held bi-monthy in Little Tokyo.

Cali Crisis

Cali Crisis is a Synth Pop duo from Sunny Southern California heavily inspired
by 80s / vintage anime, manga, and Jpop. The magical android girl Cali
can sing like no other while Crisis shreds on keys.


Shoko (ShoyuKatsudon) is a utaite and anisong performer known for her versatile range,
singing songs from cutesy idol pop to power ballads and soft rock. She has covered songs
such as Your Reality (A Cappella) and Kawaki wo Ameku on Youtube, and is affiliated with HAF Records
in Japan as a vocalist. Shoko has volunteered and performed at AX Maid Cafe in the past,
and is currently a performing kouhai maid at Arcane Cafe. In addition to singing, she dabbles in art,
voice acting, cosplay and dance, and likes to spend her time enjoying good food and petting cats.