ICHIGO CRUSH first Musical Guest of ANISON USA 2017!
We are very excited to announce ICHIGO CRUSH first Musical Guest of ANISON USA 2017! Formed in 2012, Ichigo Crush was created to bring together the unique worlds of Anime, J-Rock, Video Games, and more. With influences of alternative rock, punk, and metal, members Luci, Adrian, Michael Angelo, Vanessa, and Wendy each bring distinctive styles and sound to make the group truly unique. Performing vocals, lead guitar, guitar, bass, and drums respectively, this high energy group has notably performed at events such as Anime Expo, Sabakon, LVL UP expo, and Anison USA! ANISON USA TICKETS NOW TICKETS AREA!
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Posted on 09 Jan 2017 by Omar

by Xadrian @ 26 Apr 2017 04:07 pm
Mr Sorry is Streaming? definitely cool.Its a great list but I must disagree with Recipe, it diasipopnted me last year at the NYAFF. I don’t think its as good as the others.
by Susie @ 26 Apr 2017 04:23 pm
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