ROLI ANGELS our second Japanese Guest of Honor ANISON USA 2017!
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Roli Angels is a rock & Idol group based out of Nagoya, Japan. The group has fourth members, going by the names Lemon, April, Grape and Shake, formed on June 5th of 2013, Roli Angel’s Lives are composed of original songs and anime songs, from 2015 to this year has seen the group setting their sights overseas, with Lives planned in Jakarta, Taiwan, New York, and Los Angeles and Las Vegas! ANISON USA TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE, GO TO TICKETS AREA!
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Posted on 24 Jan 2017 by Omar
Anison Usa Masquerade!!!!
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Show your cosplay on our stage at Anison USA! Join the cosplay contest in front of our judges panel for fun and prizes. GUIDELINES Walk on performances are allowed up to 1 minute. Skits are allowed up to 3 minutes of performance time. Check in will begin 1 hour before the cosplay before the contest Audio and music must be emailed in before hand up to March 17th (Thursday before event) to finalize performance order. Since Anison USA contest is an all ages event cosplay and content must be PG13 No live firearm steels or weapons of any kind are not acceptable. Please fill out the application here: For any questions or changes that need to be made with your performance feel free to contact us at.
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Posted on 23 Jan 2017 by Omar
Xxfruitcakexx Cosplay our fourth Cosplay Guest ANISON USA 2017!
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Xxfruitcakexx Cosplay started cosplaying back in 2005 and has completed over 60 cosplays since then. When she isn't working on cosplays, she is playing video games and often streams her gaming adventures. She supports creativity and positivity in the cosplay community and is always willing to teach those around her about the hobby. Fruitcake has participated in judging cosplay contests for several events including Akimatsuri and Club Cosplay. She has also worked with companies such as Gamefly, Roosterteeth, and Bandai Namco for promotional events. She is really excited to take part at Anison USA in her hometown of Las Vegas. ANISON USA TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE ON TICKETS AREA!
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Posted on 21 Jan 2017 by Omar
ANTARES COSPLAY our third Cosplay Guest ANISON USA 2017!
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" Antares, or better known as just Cat, has been a cosplayer since 2006 and prides herself on her original takes for her cosplays and costumes. Having taken inspiration from her grandmother, she strives to out do herself each time she makes a costume and is always very happy to share how she went about making each detail. Seen as being notorious for pulling off her cosplays last minute, she enjoys cosplaying for the sake of creating and is a general all around artist. When not cosplaying, she is usually sleeping or eating unnecessary amounts of KBBQ." ANISON USA TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE IN TICKETS AREA!
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Posted on 21 Jan 2017 by Omar
GABRIELLE COOKE COSPLAY our second Cosplay Guest ANISON USA 2017!
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GABRIELLE COOKE COSPLAY!!!! Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay has been cosplaying for two and a half years. She loves creating and sharing her love of cosplay with anyone she can. Gabby strives for positivity in the community and enjoys spending her time learning new techniques and passing along crafting tips and tricks. When she is not cosplaying she is spending her time with her two lovely cats Boo'Boos and Ba'bum. ANISON USA TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE IN TICKETS AREA!
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Posted on 16 Jan 2017 by Omar

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