ANISON USA 2017 DANCE PARTY with DJ UFFE!!! @ 27 Jan 2017
DJ Uffe Jens Resident Anime DJ at Millennium Fandom Bar. DJ and sound engineer for Animegacon & Sabakon. Catch me weekly at Gameworks in Town Square. When not djing, rocking behind the drum kit with Found In Fiction. Djing at Events, parties, conventions, pools, & karaoke . Fan of old school jpop: Ayu, Otsuka Ai, Do as Infinity, Ikimonogakari, Every Little Thing, & YUI era Anisong! Expect to hear Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Caramelldansen in an Anime set to keep people dancing and some BABYMETAL and Ladybaby to keep everyone rocking! Yorishiku ne! 楽しんで! Asobimasho! ANISON USA TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE, GO TO TICKETS AREA!
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