ANISON USA PRESENTS: ANI-CHAN "Rakune Anika アニ子 樂音" @ 06 Feb 2017
We are very excited to announce a great surprise! ANISON USA PRESENTS: ANI-CHAN "Rakune Anika アニ子 樂音" Our little and beautiful mascot takes life and becomes the first Idol of Las Vegas, the first Akiba Idol produced by Anison USA! Come to the first concert of Ani-Chan and discover the new story of the fanastic Idol that is born behind this new character !!! Full name: Rakune Anika アニ子 樂音.- Nick name: Ani-Chan.- Birthday: June 1st. - Blood Type: O.- Favorite Color: Pink.- Favorite Food: Onigiri and Chocolate Snow Cone.- Hobby: Singing, dancing, DJ and drawing.- Ani-Chan is an Akihabara Idol in Japan. She loves watching anime and perform songs from various anime series. She loves to perform on weekends on the street of Akihabara, or in various maid cafes. She also DJs at many different dance parties! Would you like to attend one of her dance parties? Hope to see you soon!
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